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Insight & Analytics

Define patterns and evaluate business insights to help save time and make money through better targeting. Let our Data Scientists show you how.

Pre-campaign Insight. Know Your Data Before Launching Your Campaigns

Pre-campaign Analysis asks all the questions you should be asked before you consider launching a campaign.

Do you understand what’s in your Marketing Automation platform? And do you know what is available in your Target Market? From a Data Audit to a Data cleanse, our team will push your database further to get the results you expect.

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Post-Campaign Analysis Campaign over? Analyse & Optimise

So you’ve analysed your database, targeted your market and then launched a campaign; but what next? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but make sure you take advantage of this.

Post-campaign Analysis is more than just checking out your opens and clicks, but understanding what went right and what went wrong. Don’t settle for second best, let us help you push on.

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Lay the Foundations for Marketing Forecasting

Outputs are great, but outcomes should be the main focus of your business today. Future outcomes are even more powerful. With the help of the team, why not build up your funnel reporting and begin forecasting the future?

And another thing… Incremental improvements happen because a marketer never rests on their laurels. Your lead scoring may be set up, but is it fully optimised? Let our team help you to review, analyse and refine accordingly.

Gain Business Insight from Marketing Automation

For years, email marketing has been focused on having a good open and click rate. That’s all very well, but if the leads aren’t converting then this becomes irrelevant.

Insight is now increasing with new mobile dashboards & platform reporting possibilities. Now Marketing can prove its worth, in real-time with enough analysis to shake a stick at.

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