Our CEO recently sent a memo round the office about the meaning behind our new branding. It tells the story of our journey from a modest martech services business to what we we are today. Instead of a heavy explanation of our various awards, certifications and customer testaments – of which there are numerous, we thought you’d rather hear from the man himself.

So here goes...

The Meaning of Martech - Notes from Clevertouch CEO Adam Sharp

It is quite hard to encapsulate who we are and what we do in a few words. Especially when you are as verbose as me.

I first thought about our heritage. Our passion.

We were the first in this space in Europe. The first company to be ‘created with martech in mind’.

We didn’t start as a creative agency that can do this as an add-on just because Adobe bought Marketo, or Salesforce bought Pardot.

We were created, and we are structured, to support a new Modern Marketer.

What started as a services business has evolved into a richer company. One that also offers software to solve martech problems.

And it works. Clients really like working with us.

We are based in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere and yet we work with truly world class brands.

Deliveroo, Paypal, Fujitsu, Santander, and VMware to name but a few...

There must be a reason for this?

We are really passionate about this stuff. Other vendors simply don’t have our understanding, or our passion.

We’re able to operate above the platforms translating the potential back into our clients’ businesses.

That’s why they like us and trust us.

The Meaning of Martech - Notes from Clevertouch CEO Adam Sharp


We eat, think and breathe this stuff, and we want to be the best at it.
We operate in a progressive marketplace, and despite our location we are as progressive as any company in the UK.
Our service is brilliant, our software is beautiful, and the new office environment will be amazing.
We have a lot going for us.

So how do we capture this in just one word?

Then it came to me - how to showcase our passion, our enthusiasm, our focus, our DNA in just one word...

The Meaning of Martech - Notes from Clevertouch CEO Adam Sharp

Anita Roddick, Founder and CEO of Body Shop, once said in a keynotes speech to the CBI that it was THE 4-letter word that was never used in business.  
Everyone was really worried what 4-letter was about to spill out of her mouth...
She was anarchic and disruptive, a real changemaker and a force for good. 

She pioneered ethical and sustainable issues. 

Then she let rip. It was this word. Imagine the relief.


She was this irreverent and unforgettable figure. And she was right. It still isn’t used often enough today.

The connection to Clevertouch is simple.


We Love Martech