Measuring your business funnel

The Marketing and Sales funnel visualises your customer's journey from an unknown prospect to a loyal customer. Being able to understand this process helps marketers provide a better experience and stay more relevant to their customers.

Senior marketers are analysing the performance of their Marketing and Sales funnel to make improvements to conversion rates. It also helps demonstrate Marketing's impact on the Sales department and revenue too.

Being able to report accurately on your Marketing and Sales funnel enables you to make both departments more efficient and improve results. 

We get it

Measuring your Sales and Marketing funnel and KPI metrics is difficult, especially when: 


You don't know how contacts and information are currently flowing through martech platforms in your business


You're not sure what metrics in your Marketing and Sales funnel you should be analysing


Your process is inefficient and we are unable to spot where the issues are

How we help

We provide reports and dashboards on the effectiveness of your Marketing and Sales funnel. This visualisation helps you answer questions such as:

  • How many leads are Marketing passing to Sales?
  • How successful are Sales at actioning and converting leads and are the leads provided appropriate?
  • Where is the bottleneck in the process or greatest drop-off point?
  • How many MQL’s need to be generated and how far in advance to achieve sales targets?

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