Understanding your data

Data quality has the biggest influence on the success of your marketing technology execution.

But often marketing data becomes an afterthought; siloed across multiple platforms and left to rot.

We help you understand and analyse the current state and quality of the data in your martech environment so you can begin making strategic improvements.

We get it

There are many reasons why you may need to carry out a data audit. Here's a few challenges that we see from our clients: 


Marketers are unable to segment their data or don’t have visibility of how to use it.


Planning their marketing strategy and need to understand the state of existing marketing data available.


Need to ensure their marketing data meets industry compliance and regulations.

How we help

We combine the technical knowledge of data extraction with marketing understanding to provide insights and actionable recommendations on your data. 

Our bespoke data audits provide you with a comprehensive analysis of:

  • The number of marketing records and duplicates across platforms
  • The population of key fields across your martech platforms
  • Field standardisation for improved segmentation
  • Format and usability of personalisation fields
  • Review of data compliance fields and their correct use and implementation

The report provides actionable recommendations for data and process improvements to both 'get clean and stay clean'.

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