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Post-Campaign Services

To survive and thrive you need a little more than just reporting on click-throughs and open rates. In fact it is a whole lot more…

Funnel Reporting

True end to end reporting from the top of the funnel to the bottom requires reporting snapshots from multiple databases. As a minimum you should understand your MA platform.

It isn’t easy, but it is essential. Without it Sales and Marketing alignment is a nonsense.

ROI & Forecasting

ROI is essential. Forecasting is desirable.

In truth, many companies operate at the open rate. It’s a nice to know, but very tactical. With the ability to track initial source of lead all the way through to sale, it is possible to track and deliver amazing ROIs.

Go on, be a Genie. When you are able to forecast marketing commitment back to the business based on past performances and automated campaigning then at last you have the CEO’s ear.

Lead Scoring Review

Lead scoring should be an interactive process. Do, Refine, Do, Refine etc… Over time it is possible to build smaller but smarter campaigns on the back of clear differentiated scoring models.

Don’t lead with it, but refine it. A bit like wine, it is about refining a subtle palette.

Campaign Analysis

Smart marketers don’t want hype and headlines inside their business, it sets them up for a fall.

Far better to focus on incremental improvement, getting better results quarter over quarter.

We take campaign reporting seriously, it means you can socialise the good news around the business but more importantly you can plan for even better results in the future.