Enable teams to build on brand, best practice marketing assets leveraging the best of the technologies that you already use

Why Momentum?

  • Designed for large enterprise businesses, Momentum allows marketers to create assets and campaigns in minutes using your existing best practice templates, with bespoke technology that works for your business
  • Gives brand governance to central marketing teams, or team captains, providing a consistent brand experience across multiple platforms, teams and regions, reducing the risk of off-brand messaging reaching your contacts
  • Reduce the need for advanced systems training to all marketers when it’s just not needed
  • Realise your martech spend by enabling rapid adoption to your core technologies using Momentum’s deep integration with your Martech Spine
  • Momentum works with Adobe Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and more - including with new advanced Campaigns functionality for Adobe Marketo users
  • Keep your asset audit trail in check, keeping workflows about assets where they are created.

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Powerful editor

  • The editor provides the flexibility to easily create fully responsive, brand-aligned emails and pages
  • Choose where content can be used within a range of templates
  • Templates ensure the editing experience is as intuitive as possible
  • See updates made to templates in real-time, for a much faster build process
  • Pull content from a fully integrated marketing automation platform

Simplified amends process

  • Highlight amends directly on the email and page, as if you were using pen and paper
  • Collaborate on amends with a fully integrated commentary system
  • See any outstanding amends as a simple checklist on each build

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  • Remove your marketing risk by adopting simplification technology
  • Training on momentum takes just 20 minutes, it's that simple
  • Maintain local campaign relevance at a global scale through simplification
  • Impress the C-suite with extreme adoption of MA and marketing unification

"Momentum has enabled us to scale to 40 countries and 200 marketers in a matter of weeks"

Tim Creak, Director of Marketing Automation, Fujitsu

Systemised approvals process

  • Enable best practice control by making sure each asset is approved ahead of launch
  • Momentum will automatically build approved emails and pages in the Marketing Automation platform, ready to launch
  • Every email and page will be on-brand, using specified colours, fonts and templates

Work in teams that suit you

  • A team in your organisation can be a team in Momentum, so there's no need to change how people work
  • Teams can have their own templates or share templates with other teams
  • Only assigned individuals will be able to approve emails and pages

Complex Platforms, Simplified

Momentum is built to work on the leading Marketing Automation (MA) and Marketing Cloud (MC) platforms.

We support you in designing Momentum to fit your business. Bespoke teams and templates to fit your specific needs; no one size fits all solution.

Momentum supports all major releases from the MA/MC platforms.