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Trend Micro Case Study

Delivering outstanding results for a leading security provider

How CleverTouch helped Trend Micro cross-sell and up-sell to a database of 300,000 contacts.


The EMEA-wide programme allowed Trend to optimise the value of the relationship with Dell, and apply an intelligent approach to building a Europe-wide marketing database. This has allowed us to get a far better understanding of the SMB marketplace. Silverpop and CleverTouch have really supported the ambition to broaden our reach into a market where it has been traditionally difficult to gain marketing intelligence, and to see some very tangible results.

Marketing Director
Trend Micro


As a global leader in cloud security, Trend Micro develops Internet content security and threat management solutions that make the world safe for businesses and consumers to exchange digital information.

With over 25 years of security expertise, Trend Micro is recognized as the market leader in server security, cloud security, and small business content security.

The Challenge

When Trend Micro signed an agreement with Dell to load Trend’s anti-virus product portfolio on Dell’s range of PCs for its European SMB business, it provided a whole new customer marketing opportunity. As part of the agreement, Trend had limited access to Dell customer data, and its challenge was to find an effective way to market to Dell customers despite the small amount of data available.

Trend Micro’s initial objective was to clean up and improve the quality of the data intelligence on each customer or prospect so it could up-sell or cross-sell other solutions from the Trend product portfolio—a massive data-gathering exercise. Trend needed a platform capable of supporting a multi language environment and managing the hundreds of thousands of contacts in the database (circa 300k per year across EMEA) at a reasonable price point.

Our Approach

Trend selected Silverpop as its solution because it allowed for the cost-effective automation of multiple language programmes. Trend then turned to CleverTouch to help support and optimise the Silverpop Engage deployment.

With CleverTouch’s assistance and expertise, Trend took advantage of Silverpop Engage’s feature set to help gather data from customers and move them through specific tracks to upsell or cross-sell products. The basic goal was to build customer and prospect profiles to establish where they might be in the sales cycle, and then promote the products most suitable for their purposes.

To help achieve these objectives, Clever Touch created a drip campaign in which customers were encouraged to answer profile questions in order to receive a personalised IT security report. Each recipient’s progress was noted on subsequent communications, which were customized using Silverpop’s Dynamic Content functionality.

To help build the profiles, CleverTouch used Silverpop’s Progressive Profiling feature, which presents new questions to customers on an ongoing basis. Through Silverpop Engage’s Programs capabilities, customers are then routed into one of five tracks based upon their responses.

CleverTouch also took advantage of Engage’s Send Time Optimisation feature, which allows recipients to receive emails when they are most likely to be in their inbox (based upon previous behaviour), leading to higher open and click-through rates. In addition, it added the “Snooze” option to Trend’s unsubscribe page, providing customers the option to “Snooze” their emails for up to 90 days, thereby helping reduce list churn.


With CleverTouch’s expertise and Silverpop Engage’s capabilities, Trend was able to automate five integrated “drip” and “keep in touch” campaigns that provided an overall richer recipient experience and resulted in substantive benefits. Had Trend Micro tried to deploy this program on a standard email platform and not a marketing automation platform, the initiative would have required 252 separate emails, and the campaign would have been unmanageable.

Initial communication with Trend’s customers and prospects resulted in a 26 percent open rate, compared to an industry average of around 10 percent. In certain markets, such as Germany, open rates have been as high as 32 percent. In addition, the campaign saw a high profile completion rate, drove significantly higher traffic to Trend’s on-line stores, and contributed to noticeable sales increases for its SMB division.

252 Emails replaced
26% Open Rates
300,000 Contacts per year

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