Sales and Marketing Alignment

Alignment to revenue and growth

Aligning Sales and Marketing is at the top of the agenda for many CEOs. Whilst some friction between the two departments is positive, too much and it can destroy team culture and morale.

It's imperative that the two teams are focused on their core stakeholder - the customer. But often the handover between Marketing and Sales is far from seamless, impacting the customer and brand experience. To deliver an exceptional customer experience and drive revenue and growth, Sales and Marketing need to work more effectively together.

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Sometimes it's obvious there is Sales and Marketing misalignment, other times it's not as simple to identify. Here are a few questions to get you thinking about Sales and Marketing alignment...


Do Sales perceive Marketing as a cost centre, not a profit centre?


Are you struggling to provide Sales with greater customer and prospect insight?


Do you find it difficult to provide Sales with more, better quality leads?


Are Sales following up with leads correctly and within a given SLA?


Are leads being sent over to Sales too early in their buyer process?

How we help

We bring together senior stakeholders across your Marketing and Sales organisations to align your marketing technology, processes and people closer to your customers and prospects.

We help ensure that the teams have clear rules of engagement around prospects and customers, defining who owns the relationship and communication streams at each stage, and when and how Marketing and Sales handover ownership.

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