Sales and Marketing Alignment

Defining a 'Lead'

How is a 'Lead' defined within your organisation? Is it based on a contact form submission, an event attendance, a webinar view, or a combination of factors? Each business will have a different interpretation of what a 'Lead' looks like.

Having an agreed view and definition between Sales and Marketing of what constitutes a Lead improves harmony and alignment between the two departments.

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If you're unsure whether your lead scoring model needs to be revisited, here are the common questions we'll ask our customers...


Is there a central definition of a 'Lead' between Sales and Marketing?


Is your Sales department complaining about the quality of 'Leads' provided?


Are there too few 'Leads' being sent to Sales for follow up?

How we help

Our senior marketing consultants will work with your Sales and Marketing teams to agree the implicit and explicit scoring criteria of prospects to ensure only relevant and qualified leads are passed on to Sales.

Each lead scoring model is bespoke to your business and accounts for the most advanced strategies, including product, account and degradation scoring.

We will design a lead scoring matrix that is optimised for the business and technically validated for your marketing technology environment.

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