Defining your processes

Mapping your marketing technology environment and internal processes to your customer's journey is critical in adapting to the modern buyer.

However, understanding the different stages and touchpoints, and how you should engage with prospects and customers during each of these stages can be a challenge. With a large number of internal stakeholders and organisational considerations, defining the correct process from the ‘business out’ and not the ‘system in’ can be a complex task.

We get it

Understanding whether you have issues with lead management can be difificult to determine. To help, you should ask yourself these questions...


Are you unsure what the stages of the funnel are?


Can everyone in Sales and Marketing articulate your Sales and Marketing funnel?


Is your martech environment and process aligned to your customer journey?


How are leads being followed up by Sales?


Do leads get routed to the right Sales teams?

How we help

Our senior marketing and technical consultants will work with you to bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing, mapping the flow of prospects and customers to your marketing technology environment.

We will ensure a common language is adopted with clearly defined roles and responsibilities at each stage of the Sales and Marketing funnel. This is underpinned by a lead management workflow in the marketing technology platform which will deal with:

  • How prospects and customers move through the buying process and how this translates to martech.
  • Defining the rules of engagement for each stage of the Sales and Marketing funnel.

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