Campaign Orchestration

End to end campaign visibility 

Campaign orchestration is about having a clear and coherent communication strategy with your intended audience. We find that regional marketing departments that are sending different communications to the same audience have lower delivery and conversion rates, and are damaging the reputation of their brand.

Knowing your audience, segmenting it properly and ensuring only relevant communications are sent to your customers are all essential to the successful delivery of your campaigns. Having end to end visibility, from campaign conceptualising through to execution, is the solution to this. Welcome to campaign orchestration. 

We get it

We see the following challenges when there is no campaign orchestration strategy in place...

  • Different Marketing teams or divisions communicating a different message to the same audience
  • Multiple communications being sent to the same audience, sometimes in the space of days
  • No visibility of campaigns, from conceptualising to the execution process, or campaign activity across different regions or departments

How we help

Our team of senior marketers and martech experts will guide you in the best way to:

  • Orchestrate your campaigns with a clear holistic strategy and campaign calendar
  • Reduce over communication with your audience
  • Decide best how and when campaigns are sent, using a calendar of activity for a customer's lifecycle
  • Provide a retrospective review of campaign and email activity over the last 6 months
  • Orchestrate all campaign activities through end to end visibility of the entire marketing strategy

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