So you’re considering purchasing Pardot or maybe you’ve already purchased and are looking to get stuck in – hold up, wait just one second, how do you ensure this nice shiny new platform is set-up correctly and is ready to use? The answer is CleverTouch Consulting’s Pardot onboarding.

So what does the Pardot onboarding cover?

The Pardot onboarding process will take you through three easy to manage stages; Technical Setup, Marketing Configuration and CRM & Data. This will establish the following:

  • Web tracking – to begin tracking all those visits to your website in Pardot.
  • Sending domain – so you can send emails from your current domain e.g.
  • CNAME – providing your customers viewing your marketing assets in Pardot a seamless transition to and from your current website.
  • 3rd party apps – any additional applications you use will be integrated into Pardot, including social and event apps.
  • Email and landing page templates – we’ll create fresh new templates using your own branding or add an existing template of yours into Pardot so it’s ready to use.
  • Forms – Create form handlers based on your existing web forms so you can start feeding Pardot with leads as quickly as possible.
  • CRM – connect your current CRM with Pardot and add all the Pardot elements so it’s ready for you to configure.
  • Data – Import your current marketable leads and contacts, and also any existing unsubscribes.
Why should you choose CleverTouch for a Pardot onboarding?
  • We're Pardot’s leading European partner based on Customer Satisfaction scores.
  • We’ve supported over 300 clients on their Marketing Automation journey.
  • We will get you up and running in 30 days, breaking the process down into three easy to manage stages.
  • You’ll have a dedicated Account Manager and will be supported throughout by one of our twelve Pardot certified consultants to guide you through your Pardot onboarding.
  • Our Pardot onboarding structure and process guarantees client satisfaction every step of the way.
  • We ensure Pardot is setup with your business and marketing goals front of mind.
  • Dedicated phone and telephone support to support you throughout the entire Pardot onboarding process.

The Pardot onboarding involves all areas of your business – but mainly Marketing, Sales and IT - and we will be there to guide you at each point when you need to involve relevant stakeholders. We’re really good at taking the complex out of complexities.

Just sit back, relax - we’ve got this.

Get in touch to find out more information about our Pardot onboarding.