When we first designed and built our software, Momentum, to simplify marketing assets, one of our goals was to provide feature parity and deep integrations for the Salesforce and Adobe marketing automation and marketing cloud software.

Today we’re excited to say that, after recently launching Momentum Campaigns for Adobe Marketo in beta – which you can read more about here - the capability is now fully available and today we’re proud to say we’ve rolled out and are live with Momentum Campaigns for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Momentum Campaigns enable people without martech platform experience to build multi-touch, connected and sequenced programs and campaigns, without ever leaving the simple interface of Momentum.

When a campaign is built in Momentum, a clone of that full ‘Gold Standard Template’ campaign is made in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, meaning that all of the references to the existing assets are kept intact for a slick campaign enablement process. The marketer simply clicks on each asset in the campaign, adds their content and pushes it through the approval process as normal. Momentum users are now able to see and manipulate journey data when building their campaign assets, further increasing efficiency of the build process.

The aim of Momentum Campaigns is to enable your wider team to feel empowered, to sidestep the need to have everyone fully trained and proficient in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to build better, more effective, joined up campaigns and improve efficiencies. Teams can now:

  • Deploy complex, well-structured campaigns (journeys);
  • Use the same Momentum email editor that your team are familiar with to deliver high quality email content directly into Marketing Cloud Campaigns;
  • Reduce cross-over and complexity of your campaigns by allowing the delivery of your email assets to be the focus of your Momentum team;
  • Leverage the Momentum amendments system to ensure your campaign assets are refined, approved and complete before deployment.

So, if your teams and colleagues in or outside of Marketing are struggling to create efficient, on-brand assets or if they are stuck in the rut of single transactional sends, then contact us to see if Momentum could enhance your existing martech automation or cloud platforms and improve the quality and quantity of your marketing campaigns.