The MS Dynamics integration to Marketo has been available for quite some time now and the functionality has enabled customers to integrate with the majority of standard objects such as Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities. An important object missing from that list has been Campaigns; that ability to easily associate single or groups of records together to support marketing activity and attribution.

To date, without Campaigns, there has been a common challenge around easily being able to attribute new and or existing Leads/Contacts to marketing activity. Marketo customers would have typically created additional fields for tracking progression, and heavily utilised Smart Lists to categorise records; these lists could then be passed on internally to the relevant person/team.

When will Marketo release the supporting of Campaigns?

On October 16th, Marketo releases its quarterly feature update and the support of Campaigns for MS Dynamics.  

How does it work?

A Campaign would initially be created within the CRM, then, through the integration, would be available to Marketo.  Smart Campaigns have always been the core to managing processes and there is no change here; there will be additional Flow Steps under the ‘Microsoft’ tab available to be able to easily add and remove records from a particular Campaign. As Smart Campaigns can be either one off, re-occurring schedule or trigger based, this new functionality enables you to attribute lead activity for specific campaigns, general score based engagement, form submissions and asset downloads, just to name a few.

Should you require support in enabling this functionality and getting to further understand its capabilities please get in touch.