By segmenting your campaigns using tags, you can really get the most out of Pardot’s Campaign Performance report. When creating campaigns, if you apply a tag to them that specifies what the campaign is going to be used for, e.g. you could apply ‘Website Tracking Campaign’ to all your campaigns that are being used to track visitors to the different sections on your website.

You can now filter and maximise the use of the campaign performance report by selecting this specific tag. Now instead of pitting all your campaigns against each other, which may not be very useful or beneficial, you can now pit those that are relevant against each other.

Using our example above, by adding the ‘Website Tracking Campaign’ tag to all the campaigns that are being used to track visitors on the website, I can filter the report by ‘Assigned’, ‘Visitors’, ‘Prospects’ and ‘Opportunities’ and see visually which part of the website is outperforming the others.


Clevertouch | Making the most of Pardot’s Campaign Performance report