Marketing automation is so much more than automated lead generation, lead scoring and funnel filling.In today’s world, our ever increasing level of exposure to digital marketing has made it a pervasive part of our day to day lives. It is becoming so ubiquitous, in fact, that the ‘digital’ moniker might just as well be dropped altogether. After all, if marketing today isn’t digital, what is it?The idea of our Digital DNA brand draws on that idea. As with real world DNA, every interaction in the digital world leaves a trace that helps identify the behaviour, thinking and insight behind it. Used intelligently, this information can help build invaluable insight, understanding and an improved customer experience.Marketing automation is the perfect vehicle – in fact, the only vehicle – for capturing this Digital DNA and turning it into real-time understanding and actionable customer engagements.When it comes to deploying marketing automation properly, it’s not only the technology features that count. While lead scoring is exciting and desirable, and automated A/B testing, data governance and preference centres are all convenient, the value of marketing automation goes deeper. The insight that marketing automation offers is a whole new way of working that is fundamentally reinventing the field, and it’s having an enormous impact on the organisation and the seamless customer too.Wherever ‘dirty’ DNA can be replaced and improved upon, the better. Marketing automation offers exactly that possibility; just like real DNA, the Digital DNA derived from marketing automation insight is becoming the backbone of the industry, delivering real results into an ever-evolving area.Take a look at why Digital DNA is central to our thinking.