Hyper-personalisation in Financial Services

On Friday 23rd February 2024, Clevertouch and Salesforce were joined by senior marketers from the Financial Services sector for a session on hyper-personalisation in Marketing Cloud. 

With presentations from our Chief Strategy Officer, Jamie Burrell and Salesforce's Tom Brennan, the agenda was filled with ways to achieve hyper-personalised customer journeys in order to drive better campaign performance and engagement, enabled by Marketing Cloud and first-party data. 

Here are the key takeaways from expert Jamie and Tom's sessions:

⭕ Methods to unlocking the potential of Marketing Cloud's Account Engagement and Personalisation capabilities to deliver tailored experiences that drive growth and foster lasting client relationships.

⭕ The team shared practical applications of personalisationsharing real-world Fintech success stories, exploring the latest industry trends and offer actionable insights to elevate your marketing efforts.

⭕ Explaining how to build 1-2-1 personal experiences at scale with Marketing Cloud and integrated client data

Hyper-personalisation in Financial Services

The event concluded with networking with the Clevertouch and Salesforce team, opening up conversations between like-minded senior marketers in the financial services sector, sharing ideas and approaches to achieving personalisation with marketing automation.

It was a great, sunny day in London and we hope our attendees came away with fresh ideas on cutting-edge strategies and maximising technologies to achieve hyper-personalised experiences for their customers. 

If you couldn't make the event or would like to speak with one of our Senior Marketing Cloud Consultants about the content, please get in touch by clicking the link below.

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