Marketing Automation is a great tool for uniting your Sales and Marketing teams by giving Sales the ability to sell even more effectively through having a complete view of the prospect’s activity and profile. However, Pardot have developed a tool to go one step further to improving this relationship with Salesforce Engage. It allows Sales to get customised updates on their prospects so they can see exactly what they’re interacting with in almost real time.

It enables Sales to send their own mini campaigns using templates provided and approved by Marketing. Reporting allows them to review how each email is performing giving Sales and Marketing the ability to continuously improve their communications and content from top to bottom.

Salesforce Engage gives Sales direct access to Marketing’s nurture campaigns, so if a prospect isn’t quite ready to buy Sales can add them to a campaign created by Marketing.

This can all be achieved directly in Salesforce, using the desktop app or by taking advantage of the Salesforce1 app .

If you need support in setting up Salesforce Engage or  looking to understand how to use or get the most out of the tool then CleverTouch are here to help. Get in touch today!