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VMware Case Study

Delivering a blistering 45:1 ROI for the cloud computing giant

An always-on nurture framework, designed and engineered to output a blistering 45:1 ROI.


CleverTouch are instrumental in taking us along the lead nurture journey, they articulated the benefits of, and need for, lead nurture and provided clear directives on how best to achieve this. They took a product sales based program, added thought-leadership at the top to draw people in and garner interest, then opened up conversations around product and solution.

The success of this SMB program has now opened up the doors to a EMEA-wide nurture program. We would not have achieved these results without CleverTouch, they have challenged throughout and are great partners. We are now working with them to realize our next year goals.

Jane Delbridge
EMEA Senior Marketing Operations Specialist


VMware is a global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions. The company has been market leader for a number of years; however, new market entrants, including Microsoft, resulted in a more competitive marketplace.

The Challenge

The challenge for VMware was to use lead nurturing to maintain their position, and accurately portray their differences helping them to combat new competition in their marketplace.

The overall goal was to use a global SMB campaign to deliver qualified leads and quick-win conversions whilst evidencing the benefits of a nurturing approach. The campaign was tasked with delivering 20:1 ROI (previously untouched sourced pipeline).

Our Approach

The original campaign was designed for the US market. It consisted of a series of one-off email sends to attract form submissions. Of the 6 emails supplied, 4 had identical CTA text and all were very product focused.

We looked to create a more intelligent campaign improving the user experience by re-structuring the campaign, optimising available assets and introducing best practice nurturing principals.


Email metrics were the first sign that the RWA campaign was going to be a success with open rates and click rates reaching more than 40% and 6.5% respectively. Further analysis identified what worked well / less well and tracked closed loop revenue impact.

The nurture program phase of the EMEA Real World Advantage campaign delivered an ROI of 45:1; the entire campaign delivered 26:1. Closed loop enabled reporting by campaign element and activity type.

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