The Martech Spine™

Having a fully connected Martech Spine™ is crucial to your marketing technology strategy. A Martech Spine™ is the full integration of your core technologies, with your your CMS, Marketing Automation / Marketing Cloud platform and CRM building the foundation for additional martech platforms. 

Integrating martech platforms enables you to:

  • Ensure data is accurately shared between platforms and therefore throughout the business
  • See a complete picture of your customer's journey
  • Build efficiencies in business processes such as lead management to drive Sales and Marketing alignment

We get it

Building a marketing technology environment that is fully integrated is tough, especially if you:


Lack technical expertise to integrate platforms together


Have marketing technology platforms with limited APIs


Don't have your Martech Spine in place to build from

How we help

Our team of marketing technology experts and developers have integrated hundreds of marketing technology platforms, from simple connections to utilising complex and bespoke APIs. 

We always take time to understand the strategic objectives behind the integration, taking a deep dive into your existing martech infrastructure to ensure a successful project. 

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