Understand your
marketing technology environment

Perhaps you've recently joined a business and not sure what the current state of your martech environment looks like. Or it's just got to a point where you need to re-assess a particular martech platform.

Customers come to us to understand what the current state of their marketing technology environment looks like, how effective their martech strategy is and how aligned it is to their Marketing and business objectives.

We get it

Auditing your existing Marketing Automation or Marketing Cloud platform becomes essential when:

  • You're aware that there are issues with your current marketing technology but not sure why
  • Your marketing technology environment has become out of control
  • There's no clear process and data is siloed between platforms
  • You're looking to optimise your Martech SpineTM

How we help

We review the current state of your marketing technology environment from the perspective of your marketing objectives and overall strategy. Such as:

  • How well each platform in your martech environment is integrated
  • Platform utilisation metrics
  • Data management
  • General housekeeping such as folder structure
  • Effectiveness of campaign and program execution
  • Lead management
  • Reporting

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