Salesforce’s Pardot has recently announced the upcoming launch of an exciting new platform feature – The Engagement Studio – due for release in the second half of 2015*. Inevitably, it will be a huge change to the way you use your Pardot platform, so we thought we’d share our thoughts ahead of its release.

*Update: Pardot Engagement Studio is now live - here's our 5 favourite features

Let’s start with what Pardot has to say about the new feature

The Engagement Studio is "the nerve centre, the IQ, the brain behind the marketing automation platform in Sales Cloud," says Adam Blitzer, SVP Salesforce Pardot, and will offer "adaptive nurture campaigns" and "visualised campaign testing and reporting.

Given CleverTouch has deployed many Pardot instances in its time, we asked one our Certified Pardot Specialists, Dan Howard, what exactly will the Engagement Studio allow Pardot users to do?

The new Engagement Studio will be a huge jump from the current drip program method of creating campaigns and analysing performance. It will provide an all encompassing end-to-end view, synced with analytics, of campaigns in one suite for marketers.
Key features

It’s clear that this is really going to change the way Pardot users use their platform and for me there are a number of key features:

  • The ability to understand and react to over 100 triggers as a result of actions that prospects have taken, enabling more freedom to create a more personal journey for prospects.
  • Guiding prospects through the buying process with much more detailed and relevant journeys, giving a more personalised buying process and allowing for more relevant content journeys. Encouraging the use of more always-on campaigns is an added bonus!
  • Seamlessly pass prospects across journeys as they hit new sales stages or engage with specific content paths. This will simplify the previously challenging drip program format in Pardot, and allow for more complicated journeys.
  • Improved reporting and testing to provide greater visibility of campaign performance. Remembering that campaign analysis is just as important as the campaign launch, this will allow you to review and react to your campaign results quickly and in a more insightful way.

As Pardot’s leading UK partner we’ll be the first to make sure we fully understand the new features and how you, as marketers, should take advantage of them. We’ll keep you updated as more information is released.

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