It’s time to say goodbye to your old Drip Programs as the Engagement Studio replaces them one by one… hopefully a quick and painless process. Pardot have released the Engagement Studio today and we take a look at our five favourite product features that set it apart from the old Drip Programs.

To provide some background, if you didn’t already know, there are now three types of filters you can use in the Engagement Studio:

  • Trigger: A bit like the open and click actions in Drip Programs but Engagement Studio now offers a lot more options including form and landing page completion.
  • Actions: Send an email like you did in the Drip Program but again, a lot more options including changing a prospect field value and adjusting prospect score.
  • Rule: You can now push prospects through your program based on checking certain attributes including salesforce campaign status and score.
1. Trigger on specific link clicks

One thing we really like is the ability to trigger actions based on when a prospect clicks a specific link in an email. You’ll be able to push prospects down certain paths based on which links they interact with, meaning you can have a really powerful nurture program that sends more relevant messaging depending on the content your customers and prospects are engaging with.

2. Trigger on landing page completion

Managing events in Pardot will be much easier with the ability to trigger on the completion of a landing page form. Now when a prospect completes a form on a landing page you’ll be able to send them on a relevant path and manage the content they receive before the event.

Although there’s still no ability to send time specific emails, this will open up your event campaign management without the need for multiple Drip Programs and suppression lists.

3. Trigger on custom redirect click

Depending on how you utilise custom redirects this may be a very powerful addition to your campaign. Having the ability to use custom redirects in your program means you can push prospects through a campaign based on their interaction with, for example, your social posts and 3rd party banner ads.

4. Check prospect score value

Another powerful addition is the ability to check a prospect’s score. You can now control what content a prospect receives based on how active they are or even push them to different programs when they reach a particular score.

5. Email template preview

Although a small addition, it’s a big improvement to the usability of your programs. Now when you select an email template you get a pop-up preview to see exactly which email you’re sending.

You can also build out your entire program, without requiring all the assets to be selected upfront. This means you can build out the logic of your campaign framework and then finalise the content at a later stage.

If you’d like to understand more about how the Engagement Studio can improve your marketing, please get in touch.