Data visibility is one of the biggest challenges we hear about from our Salesforce and Pardot clients, with Sales users struggling to have enough visibility of lead activity and engagement in their Salesforce CRM.

Fortunately, there's a solution that doesn't require Sales users to have their own Pardot licences... hello Salesforce Campaigns!

On Tuesday 23rd April, our Martech Enablement Consultant & Pardot Platform Expert, Paul Shefferd, showed attendees how to leverage Salesforce Campaigns to streamline segmentation, activity tracking and reporting for your Sales and Marketing Teams. Paul also put together a handy step-by-step guide on how to build your campaign-centric Salesforce dashboard, which you can access at the link below.

Access the Salesforce Dashboard Setup Guide

In the webinar, Paul discussed:  

Salesforce Campaigns and Member Statuses

Campaign Member Statuses let you name each stage of a Prospect's engagement with a marketing activity, and can be customised by the type of activity the campaign represents. You can use Pardot to automate the updates as people engage with the material, so now Pardot activity is visible without Pardot access!

Pardot Segmentation using Salesforce Campaigns

Connected Campaigns enable you to save time by using Dynamic List Campaign Filters. These filters can be applied as part of your Dynamic List rules and select any Prospects who have Sales Cloud records included in a specific campaign. Salespeople can add their contact to a send list themselves and the Dynamic List will pull in their Prospect record automatically. 

Automating Campaign Updates

Campaign Member Statuses can be updated using the majority of the automation tools in Pardot - Automation Rules, Engagement Studios, Segmentation Rules and Completion Actions. 

Add to CRM Campaign > 'Campaign Name Here' with status 'Status Here'

Reporting & Dashboards

Reports can summarise data about Lead & Contact Engagement, Revenue Generation and Salesperson-specific data. These reports can be easily represented on Dashboards, visually presenting relevant data and can be used to bypass typical data visibility rules.

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