Adobe Marketo Engage has a number of tools to help marketers create personalised campaigns for their audiences. Dynamic Chat is one of those tools, designed to optimise website experiences by directing visitors to specific content or CTA's quicker. In turn, this helps your Sales function with lead generation and tailored outreach, and gives the Marketing team better data on leads and prospects that they can use in future marketing campaigns.  

Website chat products aren't new, so why should any current Marketo users be interested in Adobe's latest offering? With 86% of marketers wanting to create more personalised journeys (State of Martech Report 2023), it's clear now more than ever that organisations are searching for ways to customise user experiences and enhance individual touchpoints for improved user engagement. So, if you're already using Marketo as your Marketing Automation platform or you're considering a migration project to it, it's well worth a watch of our webinar

Marketo Dynamic Chat

What is Dynamic Chat?

⭕ A conversational chat-bot, deployed on your website and landing pages

⭕ Dynamically personalised on-site engagement and Marketo data

⭕ Seamlessly route website visitors between chatbot and agents

Our Head of Training and Marketo Certified Expert, Chris Fowler, takes a deep dive of the feature, exploring some real-life use cases and scenarios using live in-platform examples. Chris also shared some excellent tips on:

⭕ How best to maximise Dynamic Chat's functionality

⭕ Setup and configuration for your business and the people that will be responsible for managing it

⭕ Ensuring that the feature is integrated correctly with your Marketo instance

Take a look

If you are interested in learning more about Marketo's Dynamic Chat and how you can start using it to personalise your customer journeys, please get in touch with our Marketo Certified Experts at or via the contact form here

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