Momentum Campaigns for Adobe Marketo

At Clevertouch, we aim to drive forward the thinking and capability of marketing teams.  

As we identified through our State of Martech 2022 report, there is a skills shortage in martech, so it's more important than ever that individuals within marketing teams are doing what matters and what they’re best at.   

One of the ways that we enable marketing leaders and their teams to be progressive is through using simplification software with their integrated Martech Spine. The software enables skilled marketers to focus on complex activities, reduce time and money needed for training, and allow more people in the organisation to produce assets.  

When we introduced Momentum to the market more than five years ago we did exactly that. Alongside a marketing automation platform, marketers can focus more on building capabilities like ‘always on’ journeys, event campaigns and lead scoring models by enabling a wider group of people to build their own assets through Momentum with more autonomy but within a defined set of brand codes.

More marketers are adopting this kind of software: in our upcoming State of Martech 2023 report, we'll reveal that 72% of organisations have implemented simplification technologies and processes, up from 26.3% in 2022. 

Campaigns for Adobe Marketo, made easier

Today we have taken yet another huge leap in enabling marketing teams and a wider group of people within an organisation to think bigger than ‘batch and blast’ sends.

Currently in beta mode for our Adobe Marketo clients ahead of a launch in 2023, Momentum Campaigns enable people without martech platform experience to build multi-touch, connected programs without ever leaving Momentum.

Plus, we’re working to add features from Campaigns to Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Pardot very soon.  

The aim of Momentum Campaigns is to enable your wider team to feel empowered, build better joined up campaigns and improve efficiencies across your Marketo experts by cloning Marketo best practice campaigns.  Momentum Admins have the power to build gold standard, best practice campaigns in Marketo that are then imported into Momentum. Momentum then maintains brand governance whilst allowing marketers to build more complex journeys than ever before in a simplified interface.

When a campaign is built in Momentum, a clone of that full campaign is made in Marketo, meaning that all of the references to the existing assets are kept intact for a slick campaign enablement process. The marketer simply clicks on each asset in the campaign, adds their content and pushes it through the approval process as normal. Momentum users are now able to see and manipulate program tokens when building their campaign assets, further increasing efficiency of the build process.

Building campaign processes that work

Each journey can be equipped with a Campaign Guide which allows the admins to describe how best the journey be used. This is a rich area which is always accessible from the campaign interface that will support the campaign build by the marketeer. We recommend these guides are used to not only describe the campaign and aspects including the cadence between sends, and any optional configurations, but as campaign playbooks too. It's a brilliant place to educate on best practice journey touchpoints, for example what content should be sent in an awareness email vs a consideration email.

As your campaign assets are approved, your overall campaign progress bar will tick up towards 100% - however we know that not all campaigns can be built in entirety before the first asset must go! Which is why whenever a campaign asset is approved, it's ready to be used and activated in the campaign in Marketo.

The aim of Momentum Campaigns is to enable your wider team to feel empowered, to build better joined up campaigns and improve efficiencies across your Marketo experts by cloning Marketo best practice campaigns.

If your teams and colleagues in or outside of Marketing are struggling to create efficient, on-brand assets or if they are stuck in the rut of single transactional sends, then contact us to see if Momentum could enhance your existing martech automation or cloud platforms and improve the quality and quantity of your campaigns.