Recently, we launched our annual State of Martech Report 2022 at an event at the Ned, London.  
We were delighted to host senior marketers from across the globe to explore the state of Marketing Technology today, discussing a series of questions and solutions to problems pervasive in the industry.  

The State of Martech Report is the only dedicated research into the martech space which is practitioner sponsored and led by rigorous academic research in association with University of Southampton Business School.  

Here’s what we heard at the State of Martech Launch Event 2022: 

Robert Nicholson, Robert Walters: “The challenges that we all face coming out of covid (where we went fully digital) are very similar, driven by a recruitment challenge and increased expectations of customers and business leaders!” 

Joanne Marshall, Splunk: “Businesses seem to be moving into a state of too much data, almost paralysis by analysis. It’s also good to know everyone is struggling with recruitment!” 

The State of Martech event provided an opportunity and platform for marketers from across different industries to come together and share in their challenges, learnings, and opportunities all through the lens of the State of Martech Report 2022.  

You can read a summary of the State of Martech Report 2022 – simply fill out this form and we’ll send you a copy.

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