The digital landscape is evolving, and so should your marketing strategies. To help you keep up with the rapid pace of change, we're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking feature to Momentum — ContentAI.

This state-of-the-art addition brings Artificial Intelligence into the heart of our SaaS Martech platform, revolutionising the way you create and manage content for Emails and Landing Pages. 

What is ContentAI? 

ContentAI is a game-changing feature that simplifies the content creation process by harnessing the power of AI. With a few clicks, you can now easily rewrite existing content, giving it a fresh twist while retaining its original message. By incorporating AI into our platform, we are making it faster and more efficient for marketers to refine their Emails and Landing Pages, thereby enhancing customer engagement and conversion rates. 

ContentAI is the umbrella term for the range of AI tools and features we’re bringing to Momentum, and this first release sees the launch of ContentAI: Rewrite. 

Why ContentAI is a marketer’s dream come true 

Speed Up Your Workflow 

The process of creating effective content often involves numerous iterations and A/B tests. With ContentAI, you can skip the tedious task of rewriting and adjusting content manually. Our intelligent algorithms will do the heavy lifting for you, freeing up your time to focus on other crucial aspects of your marketing strategy. 

Maintain Consistency 

One of the biggest challenges in marketing is maintaining a consistent voice and message across various channels and pieces of content. ContentAI addresses this by intelligently rewriting content that remains aligned with your brand’s voice and message, thereby ensuring a seamless customer experience. 

Enhance Flexibility 

Want to localise your content for different markets? Or maybe adjust the tone for different audience segments? ContentAI makes it easy. You can now customise your content without starting from scratch, saving you time and resources while ensuring you meet the diverse needs of your audience.  

How it works

As we developed ContentAI, it became evident quite early on that the output generated by AI often deviates in terms of tone, style, and sometimes even language. 

Recognising that this inconsistency could actually add to marketers' workloads instead of reducing them, we engineered ContentAI to employ a distinct "Persona" methodology for content creation. Utilising Personas enables you to maintain uniformity in voice and language when generating new content. 

Beyond ContentAI: Rewrite, what’s next? 

We are committed to innovating and updating Momentum to better serve your marketing needs. ContentAI: Rewrite is just the beginning. We have a plethora of features in the pipeline aimed at providing you with an all-encompassing platform that takes your marketing to new heights. 

More AI tools will be coming your way in the future, as well as improvements to our Asset Editor, the services we offer and the connectivity to your Martech platform. 


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