Marketo supports multiple email domains, but did you know it also supports multiple landing page domains too? If you have several brands, to ensure consistent branding across each business unit, the email and landing page domains can be personalised.

Depending on your domain structure, there can either be multiple CNAMEs under the same domain or multiple domains entirely. For multiple domains, your IT team need to configure these and will need to point each domain to Marketo using your ‘’.

When you build an email, the email builder provides an option of which email CNAME to use. However, with landing pages you are not provided the option to choose another domain via the user interface - a default domain is applied to all landing pages instead. Should you want to use an alternative you have to manually change the domain name. Below is the area within the Admin to set the default landing page domain:



Do be aware, anything after the domain (in red below) will only point to a single page regardless of multiple domains. This means you cannot have two separate landing pages with the same end part pointing to different content.

Also, remember cookies do not run across multiple domains. Should a user visit multiple webpages across more than one domain the activity history will not be picked up unless prior activities have already occurred. This enables Marketo to relate it to the correct record ID.