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As part of our rebrand, we wanted to create a place from which marketers from all over the world could discover key facts and figures about the industry they’re in, and where that industry is going. Now, shortly after our new website launched, we have lovemartech.com. This domain is a dedicated source of information for senior marketers to understand and learn more about the marketing technology space, using resources which allow them to build and deploy a better marketing strategy. Love Martech provides access to statistics and insights about the state of marketing technology, acting as a single source of education for senior marketers.

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Our recent State of Martech report reveals that 68% of marketers have a marketing technology stack that isn’t fully connected or integrated. We have established the concept of the Martech Spine™ to combat this, a model which helps CMOs focus on optimising the most important technologies first, before building out their wider marketing technology ‘stack’. With this approach, you will be able to provide a greater impact in and on the business, building and reporting a better customer experience with greater insight for the Sales department.

Less than a third of senior marketers (28%) believe the marketing department is seen as a change agent and driver of new thinking within their organisation; the ambition of Love Martech is to help marketers improve this through the development and optimisation of a better marketing technology strategy.

Other key statistics include:

  • Only 12% of marketers are running campaigns that are aligned to their customer's journey and interests
  • Less than a quarter (21%) of marketing teams provide sales with most of their collateral and use marketing technology to drive better results
  • An overwhelming 69% of marketers said sales and marketing were not equally respected within their organisation
  • Only 22% of marketers admit to operating in a data-driven culture
  • Just 1 in 5 marketers described themselves as source of sales leads
  • Majority of marketing leaders (72%) have struggled to hire martech skills
  • 57% are looking to change their marketing technology platform

Lovemartech.com is a fluid forum for anything martech, and will continue to evolve with the business landscape as we continue to research fresh information on the market, discovering the latest trends that industry professionals need to be aware of.

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