Structured to maximise your marketing technology investment

A common challenge for the senior marketer is determining the best structure for your marketing team, alongside a skills development plan to make sure you get the most from your marketing technology investment.

Getting team members bought into the vision and accepting change is never easy, but it is essential to ensure a smooth rollout of Marketing Automation and Marketing Cloud platforms.

Organisational Design

We get it

When there's a lack of organisational design in place, we see customers with the following challenges: 

  • A marketing team that aren't maximising their use of Marketing Automation and Marketing Cloud
  • No structure and accountability in place for certain platforms
  • Lack of a skills development plan, and roles and responsibilities are blurry
  • Unsure whether a centralised or decentralised approach to marketing execution is right

How we help

We seek to understand how your organisation is currently structured and how Marketing Automation and Marketing Cloud platforms operate within this model.

We re-define how the department should be structured around your marketing technology strategy, including different stakeholder groups, their roles and responsibilities, and provide guidance on how to transition to this model over time.

Questions that get answered

Once the structure is defined you'll have clear visibility of your Marketing Automation and Marketing Cloud execution process and the responsibilities of the team for each of these - from the initial campaign plan, to launch and post-campaign analytics. 


Which permissions should be given to each role?


Who has access to the platform?


Who should be the platform champions, the ambassadors and the practitioners?

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