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Managed Service

As specialists in campaign delivery, let us help you optimise your existing investment with advice along the way. Defined with you, and delivered by our experts.

Quality Shouldn't be Compromised as You Scale

As campaigns grow in size and so do your ambitions, you’ll want to make sure your campaign quality stays top drawer.

7 years and over 300 clients later we have a fair bit of campaign delivery experience. We’ve got processes to help this, and we’ve even built some fool-proof tools to double check everything.

Start Optimising With the Right Support

So you’ve got started, you’re all set up but what next? You’ll probably need some help to really drive positive outcomes quickly.

By outsourcing your campaign builds to us, you can get back to do the marketing you want to do, without the quality risks a flawed campaign launch might otherwise bring. Don’t ever compromise quality.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Ok, so sometimes it’s best to keep your Marketing Automation in-house for strategic reasons, but also because Marketing Automation is a pretty exciting ride to be involved in.

But how do you bring those key Marketing Automation skills on?

At CleverTouch we work with you to build a bespoke mentoring and training programme to ensure the skills stay in-house and the platform is fully optimised.

Training & Mentoring Packages

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