CleverTouch, Europe’s largest Marketing Automation (MA) consultancy, has developed a cloud app, CleverTouch PowerShot, which enables all marketers to build, design and request approval for email sends via Eloqua and other MA platforms.Requiring just ten minutes of training, the new app helps manage the demands placed on Marketing Automation teams by maintaining order and control through a simplified request and approval process.PowerShot is the first product to be released as part of CleverTouch’s IP Factory. The app was created to widen end user adoption and help manage the pressure placed on Marketing Automation teams for speedy delivery, including increased demand from field marketers and the sales functions. PowerShot aims to improve internal emailing efficiencies by letting users sign in to create their desired emails on the fly, using pre-approved templates before sending to the MA platform for approval and then launch. This means the process from build to approval happens without the need for several rounds of amends, and ensures messages are kept within brand guidelines.The app allows for a do-it-yourself approach to Marketing Automation, giving the marketer or salesperson access to what the email will look like in real-time. This means the company is less reliant on a managed service partner, which can eat up budgets and time, and enables marketing teams to maintain order and control. Further, it helps drive up end user acceptance and adoption through a simplified requester and approval process, something that until now only someone with technical MA expertise has been able to do. PowerShot provides massive savings on technical build time and empowers end users.“Users can benefit from a reduction in cost, effort and time whilst experiencing a reduction in backlog,” commented Vahid Panjganj, Head of Software Development at CleverTouch. “All templates will be created in line with the client’s brand and all builds can be fully tested through the usual approval process, ensuring consistency and quality of output.”Interest on the beta programme was high, and CleverTouch already has clients under contract.PowerShot is immediately available and comes in two formats, an Admin version and an End User version. Eloqua, part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, is one of a handful of vendors currently offering PowerShot to its clients.Due to end user demand the team is now working on a Marketo version of PowerShot too, and a Pardot version will follow in due course.More applications from the IP Factory are expected this quarter; for more information visit /technology or to request more information email