Clevertouch research

New survey by Clevertouch Consulting reveals only half of marketers love their Martech and the majority (67%) are now prioritising technology over creativity

However, many face ‘overstacked syndrome’ with the majority using 50+ platforms and feeling overwhelmed as a result

At the end of last year we surveyed 250 senior marketers across the UK, US and Europe to understand the current perception of martech - by marketers and their wider organisations. Although over half of the 250 respondents think their martech stacks are streamlined, more than half (54%) admitted to using over 50 technology platforms. On top of this, 64% of marketers believe their stacks have become more complex in recent years (a result of the 'nextopia' mindset we have spoken about previously).

The data revealed that the majority of marketers and their organisations love martech, yet many face ‘overstacked syndrome’ with the majority using 50+ platforms and feeling overwhelmed as a result. 

From overwhelm to simplification...

When it comes to different technologies, 57% of marketers are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of marketing technology platforms available to them. This is primarily due to the inability to keep up with how the platforms they use are developing (21%), as well as a lack of in-house expertise to manage platforms (17%). To combat feeling overwhelmed, 55% are planning to simplify their martech stack in the next 12 months. 

However, the desire for martech is still strong, with almost half of respondents (49%) stating that they love martech due to its ability to launch campaigns more frequently. On top of this, 52% reported that their organisation also loves martech, primarily due to it enabling the effective execution of marketing campaigns and delivering useful insight back into the business.

Reliance on martech was also highlighted, as 65% of marketers are now prioritising technology over creativity. Over half (54%) think martech has made their marketing strategies more effective, with greater ability to track ROI and lead generation (25%). 

Clevertouch CEO and Co-founder, Adam Sharpsaid: “It is increasingly vital that marketers leverage martech to track ROI, lead generation, and create competitive advantage. However, what’s clear from our survey results is that marketers are bombarded with solutions and stacks that are tricky to optimise. We need to make marketers' lives easier, and simplification methodologies such as The Martech Spine © – where CMOs can focus on 4-6 core tools – are going a long way in helping marketers to achieve more with less, ultimately reducing the overwhelm that many are facing.”

This Spring, we will launch the fifth edition of the State of Martech report. The report, produced in collaboration with Southampton University Business School, is the only research of its kind to be conducted with an academic institution and will provide insight and advice for CMOs that are looking to maximise adoption, utilisation and impact from their MarTech this year.