A question to ask yourself before you read on... How do you know an unsubscribed Prospect is interacting with your marketing assets?

Without a process in place, not many Pardot users will know when an unsubscribed Prospect is submitting forms like preference centres to receive content. If they’re interacting with your content, they’re interested! But for those who are unsubscribed this is where the interaction will end.

If you have upgraded to Handlebars Merge Language (read more in our previous blog post), you will now have the power to unlock Pardot’s very own re-subscribe process.

How does it work?

Once enabled your forms will display a line of text if a Prospect who is currently unsubscribed visits your form:

The prospect will then click the link, which will then change the message:

With HML, we are provided a resubscribe link that we can add to our emails. For this process you will need to create an email template with a resubscribe link in it. For Pardot to send an email, we will need to add the template in Settings.

Once an unsubscribed Prospect clicks the re-subscribe link in the email you’re now able to market to them again!

Things to note

You will need to upgrade to Handlebars Merge Language (HML) first - for everything you need to know about this again see our previous blog.

Once HML is enabled, you should create an email template that will be used to resubscribe Prospects. Once you enable the Pardot resubscribe process, you will be required to add your resubscribe template. Currently there is no simple way of changing the resubscribe text on the forms. You can change it by using JavaScript onto the layout templates.

If you are a global business, you will struggle to get the messages to display in different languages as you can only select one email template and without JavaScript you won’t be able to change the form text, and the resubscribe page is currently un-editable.

For an alternative resubscribe process, see our previous blog on this topic.