On the 15th October, Pardot launched a new advanced bi-directional Salesforce sync to their whole customer base.Data will now flow bi-directionally on default and custom prospect fields based on the record that was last updated. Previously, users had to choose Pardot or Salesforce to ‘win’ in an event of a data conflict. This feature further serves to align the Salesforce and Pardot platforms.Scenarios where either marketing or sales update a record only for the other source to overwrite the data, will now be resolved. The end user will now be able to update their own record details without Salesforce overwriting it. The data sync connection will work in tandem with existing features such as progressive profiling at point of data capture, helping to build a better picture of your lead demographics.More complex lead management data flows will now be possible. The sales function will be able to update data such as marketing communications preferences without having to go into Pardot, resulting in better sales and marketing alignment and more efficient data flow.The user will be required to manually update the sync settings to benefit from the change. Three options are now available, setting the data master as Salesforce/Pardot, or using the most up-to-date data.Get in touch with CleverTouch to optimise your Salesforce connector and take advantage of this new feature now! For all our latest updates, follow us on Twitter @CleverTouch.