Do you have a process for when a prospect who had previous ly unsubscribed then re-subscribes when they re-engage with your content?

When individuals unsubscribe, you may think they’re lost forever. From what we have seen with our clients, this is not always the case. When a prospect unsubscribes, they are flagged in Pardot and Salesforce, but they are still tracked. However, nothing will change automatically if the prospect submits a form in the future.

This is why we recommend putting a process in place to notify you or a designated user that an unsubscribed user has submitted a form.

To build this process you will need to create a custom form field that is a ‘date type’ and an automation rule. You will need to add the submission date to the new custom form field to all future form completion actions.

The automation rule will look for this date being in the last day and the prospect being unsubscribed. The completion actions on the rule will be to notify a user to review and opt the prospect back in.



Note: Re-subscribing is a manual process. If the prospect is linked to a lead/contact in Salesforce, you have 2 minutes to re-subscribe them in both Pardot and Salesforce before the sync unsubscribes them again.
This is because unsubscribe always wins.