Pardot have announced they will be rolling out an update to wait times on Triggers.

The update will mean you now have complete control over the cadence of any subsequent actions that fire later in your program and brings the Engagement Studio completely in-line with Drip Programs functionality.

The new update gives you the option of ‘Wait up to X days’ or ‘Wait X days’.

Currently if you want to send an email after 14 days after the initial email there’s no easy way to achieve this, for example, if you have a trigger with ‘Wait up to 14 days’ a Prospect can flow to the next step on any of the 14 days they happen to click the link on. The only way around this is to add an additional action between the first email send and the click link trigger; an unnecessary additional step.

Now, all you have to do is select ‘Wait 14 days’ on the trigger and anyone who has clicked a link the email will flow down the ‘yes’ step and receive the next email after 14 days. Easy!

Pardot have many more feature updates coming down the line and we’re very much looking forward to seeing what they have lined up next.