Accurate data is essential to the modern marketer, and indeed has always been, but it is now easier to realise than ever before. Accurate data allows marketers to create positive relationships with their customers, and deliver experiences that their buyers want, and expect, to see.
This is where Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP) comes in.

Salesforce DMP captures and activates data from anywhere on a unified platform to create detailed customer profiles and as a result, deepen customer engagement. There are a variety of benefits to Salesforce DMP:

  • Build strong and defined data profiles.
    With Salesforce DMP you can collect your data all in one place, as well as understand the various different customer touchpoints. Salesforce DMP uses machine learning to deliver on personalised campaigns to reach the right customer, at the right time.
  • Get New Insights:
    Get richer customer engagement through the use of data analysis, uncovering new insights into your data sets.
  • Manage Consent
    Configure the data setting to manage consent and adhere to consumer rights management regulations.
  • Single Customer View
    Salesforce DMP enables organisations to build a single view of the customer, within one platform creating that one source of truth for all teams, from Marketing, Service and Sales.