As a Marketo user, you may be aware of the ongoing updates to Sky Beta. For those not in the know, the Sky beta program utilises new designs, workflows and features to help users get more out of their Marketo platform.

In its current form, the program is an opt-in experience and - from what we know - it will be a while until Marketo are ready to transition customers over fully.

Whilst Sky is still in early stages, some of the recent updates we've seen are starting to show real promise. A new user interface is a very welcome addition to any platform, but the biggest benefits for users will come from the time-saving efficiencies seen.

Save Rules in Smart Lists


Clevertouch | Marketo Saved Rules in Smart Lists


This is set to be of the most sort after features of Sky. Where a Smart List contains multiple rules, groups and logic this new piece of functionality enables you to save the rule set.

Once saved, you have the ability to add the rules to any other Smart List - Those who build Smart Lists often will understand what a big deal this is!

Search across Workspaces

Not all Marketo customers use Workspaces, but for those that do, the addition of a function that enables you to move between Workspaces (instead of seeing all in a single list view) is great to see!

We expect Marketing Operations teams to see the biggest time-saving benefit - No longer having to close Workspace folders just to save time scrolling to the Workspace at the top of the tree structure.


 Clevertouch | Marketo save across workspaces


Import Token from existing folder or program

Marketing program templates are becoming more and more common and the ability to store these templates to clone and re-purpose is fast becoming the norm. Most of the time, marketing operations manage these templates and incorporate program tokens which are embedded into email and landing page templates.


Clevertouch | Marketo Import token from existing folder or program


Should you wish to use a marketing program that doesn't have a token, you can now import tokens from either an existing folder or program. Both the token name, type and content within will cloned.


Clevertouch | Marketo Import token from existing folder or program