New Pardot User Interface Update

You will have noticed Pardot recently released a beta ‘Lightning Style’ update to its UI. This can currently be toggled on and off at your discretion.

As of Wednesday the 20th the UI update will no longer be in its beta phase; this will now be the default view for new users and accounts.

New users will see a notification explaining how to turn off the new updates and go back to the ‘classic’ Pardot style. Existing users will be notified that the beta has now finished.

You will also notice the new UI update is now referred to as the ‘New Pardot Style’.

The Pardot login screen will have a style update to keep it in line with the new UI.

The impending release of the Engagement Studio, which requires the ‘New Pardot Style’ to be enabled, will mean once it hits General Availability the ability to toggle the new style on and off to the ‘classic’ style will be disabled. This also means the platform will stop supporting Internet Explorer 9 and 10.