Our last tip featured Pardot’s recent update which allows the Email-Opt out field to be over written in Pardot or Salesforce. If you missed this, read up on the update here.

With the Opt-out field now being overwritten in our corresponding system, it means we can put processes in place to let our Prospects opt themselves back in. That’s right! No automation rules, no human intervention – it will just happen, automatically!

How we want this to work is to have a field that appears on a form but only if the prospect was opted out. This requires the creation of a new form field, let’s call this ‘Opting back in’, and add to forms. Using Pardot’s progressive profile option means we can show this new field only if ‘Email Opt-Out’ is true (i.e. they’re opted out), so only prospects who are unsubscribed will see this.

Opt Out Example

To complete this, there will be a little bit of Salesforce work required. For this to work, we created a workflow rule that will look to see if the ‘Opting Back in’ field was changed. If this was changed to ‘true’, the workflow rule will change the value of the ‘Email Opt-Out’ field to ‘false’. This will then sync to Pardot and voila! your unsubscribed Prospects have just opted themselves back in.