Today we announce the launch of Momentum for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a simplification and email workflow tool that drives up usability, adoption and satisfaction, removing technical bottlenecks in the email creation process.

Momentum for Salesforce Marketing Cloud is ideal for all users of the Marketing Cloud platform; it was created based on market pain points and a need to simplify the use of the platform across its wider user base. Its purpose is to drive up usage and ROI, but at the same time provide some control over the automated approvals process. The software significantly decreases the time, skills and expenses required to build emails. With Momentum, organisations can get their campaigns sent up to eight times faster.

A simple user interface enables marketers with no HTML or coding skills to build emails and empowers both regional marketers and supporting digital agencies to successfully build appealing campaigns in a controlled environment, all while retaining quality and ensuring that messages are on brand every time.

The embedded request and approval process enables businesses to scale up their use of Marketing Cloud across regional teams and divisions whilst keeping brand consistency. These teams are managed and controlled within one Momentum platform and led by a ‘Team Captain’ who approves and suggests amends before syncing the emails into Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Robert Nicholson at Robert Walters said:
“Momentum is a beautifully built platform that drives simplicity throughout our martech processes. We have over 70 users across the business that rely on Momentum to support campaign execution and it has enabled us to drive increased user adoption, but with a greater degree of control and brand consistency.”

“Our customers were frustrated with the sub-optimal use of their marketing technology, and they sought a simpler way of creating consistent, brand approved communications,” says Adam Sharp, co-founder & CEO of Clevertouch. “Momentum offers a simple user interface and no knowledge of coding or HTML is required. This means that after setup with the experts and admins, it can be rolled out across a business in a matter of days, with minimal teaching time. This not only speeds up campaign execution and launch, but also increases team collaboration and efficiencies.”

Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers using Momentum can increase their speed to market and deliver a seamless customer experience due to the centralised governance of brand consistency that Momentum provides.

You can find out more about Momentum for Salesforce Marketing Cloud here.