From advertisement to close, learn how to create live, relevant and customised breadcrumb touchpoints for candidates and clients across the entire customer journey with Salesforce. Whatever your objectives are, and whether you’re looking to full digital transformation or hybridising an on and offline experience, we’ve got you covered.

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 Recruitment is a hot topic in all businesses as the world begins to open up and hiring rises on the agenda. Clevertouch and Salesforce teamed up to discuss the best ways recruitment agencies can utilise the technology at their disposal to create great customer experiences for both clients and candidates. This was then applied to how Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Clevertouch aided in the temporary recruitment of over 40,000 staff for a UK-wide project.


Theory in Action – Client Results

Clevertouch delivered bespoke automation and beautiful workflows, using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, for a global recruitment firm. They needed to temporarily recruit upwards of 40,000 specialised staff based at specific postcodes within 12 weeks for a national project.

Custom logic built around central geographic locations in each UK constituency were used to pinpoint candidates based on how many miles away a relevant job was and send a hyper personalised list of relevant vacancies to candidates throughout the whole of the UK. You can read more about how we delivered this here.

Alternately, watch on demand to hear our Salesforce Business Manager, Emily Victoria, explain in detail how Clevertouch and Salesforce created bespoke experiences for over 40,000 candidates in a national project.

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Client-Side Challenges and Solutions

There are a number of internal and external challenges presented to Recruitment Agencies on the client side. Tom Stephens, Lead Solutions Engineer at Salesforce, discusses these challenges and how they have their solution in Salesforce Marketing Technology.

External challenges range from limited customer loyalty, to increase competition through the differentiated offering from smaller firms. This is compounded by the range of internal challenges such as high churn rate and single view of the customer. Tom Stephens discusses this, and specifically how Marketing Cloud offers a solution, from the alignment of marketing and sales to target key accounts and candidates, to engaging your clients with hyper personalised experiences.  



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Candidate-Side Challenges and Solutions

Marketing Cloud offers integrated customer experiences across the entire customer lifecycle, be they candidate, client or both. Stefan Klincewicz, Lead Solutions Engineer for Salesforce takes this further in an in depth demonstration of how Salesforce Marketing Technologies support the candidate experience through its’ various Studios such as Interaction Studio, accompanied by Einstein AI and Datorama.

Einstein AI provides Marketers with the ability to discover before unseen trends in their data, with the AI making suggestions on what could better improve their customer engagements. Datorama builds a profile based on job and job category affinity, mapping interactions across a range of devices to build a detailed character profile with information as specific as how long a candidate spends on each specific job advert.

Salesforce Marketing Technologies such as Marketing Cloud and Pardot provide Recruitment firms with:

  • A single integrated marketing platform
  • The ability to automate and trigger highly personalised omnichannel communications
  • The ability to provide one to one communications for Sales and service across all channels
  • The ability to track marketing performance



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