Part 1

From pizza and board game nights to tapas and (questionable) karaoke, we love a chance to celebrate!That’s why, for our 10th Birthday, we’ve rounded up the top CleverTouch moments (so far!) from across the business. Grab a cup of tea, sit back and celebrate with us!

Pizza the Action?

Since the early days of homosapiens, food has built the bonds of companionship and brought people together. The hungry hunter gatherers would return from their excursions to share their bounty with the rest of the group.Like the early days of man – and woman – the early days of CleverTouch were built around the bonding power of food. Pizza, mainly.



Fast-forward to today and you’ll find us sharing insight and knowledge over sandwiches in our monthly Lunch ‘n’ Learns, sharing news on Cake Tuesday or cooking up a storm outside with a monthly BBQ.



Move over Mary Berry……and we’ve not even mentioned the coffee, fresh fruit and cake bake off’s that regularly take place at CleverTouch HQ.



We have a talented bunch of bakers here at CleverTouch who love any excuse to stretch their creative muscle.



100 (or 10?) Miles on the bikesTo balance out the cake, coffee and BBQ, we regularly like to test our fitness prowess in the local gym, fundraising for charity with local running events…or by signing up to the New Forest 100-mile bike race.



It’s safe to say we love a challenge at CleverTouch HQ!


The Great Welly Boot Challenge of 2012…Speaking of challenges, here’s a…throwback…to one of the early family fun days in 2012!



Whilst we are customer-obsessed, we will always put family first. it’s one of our Clever Values and the reason we are so focused on delivering on Project Utopia – our vision of the perfect workplace and culture, delivering the perfect work/life balance. 

A trip on the Gin Train

This 1920’s inspired throwback was in celebration of fantastic half year business results. It’s safe to say we like to celebrate in style! You can read the full story from Business Manager, Ben Robinson, here.



Check back for part two of our top ten moments soon!