That’s what they used to shout on every station up and down the country to warn passengers their train would shortly embark, their journey about to begin. That was years ago, before digital signage, smart phones, before websites and apps – long before any type of modern digital communication methods.

Stood on the platform in Alresford, Winchester, dressed in 1920’s attire, waiting for the ‘Gin Train’ to arrive – it felt ironic that I had just started a brand new job for CleverTouch Consulting, Europe’s leading Marketing Automation consultancy, helping businesses embark on their journey to digital marketing euphoria –  a far cry from steam travel.

As we left the station, and after the initial nervousness had faded around meeting my new work colleagues – helped considerably by the amazing selection of Gins on offer –  it soon become apparent what a wonderful group of talented people made up the CleverTouch team and how passionate they all were about marketing made better through technology. No surprise then that this corporate entertainment was a celebration of a great quarter, both financially and from a customer feedback perspective – both incredibly positive!

The night was soon over, and as the Gin Train pulled back into Alresford Station, I was thankful that everyone at CleverTouch Consulting was genuinely lovely and felt excited about embarking on my new journey whilst helping our customers on theirs.