With winter finally fading, we’re kicking off a new season of conferences at CleverTouch to spread the word about Marketing Automation.

First up is HG Capital’s Sales and Marketing Forum on the 16th of March, where CleverTouch MD Adam Sharp will be speaking on the selection, development and process of Marketing Automation. HG Capital is one of the UK’s biggest Private Equity houses, holding investments in 27 companies including Atlas, Lumesse and The Foundry. Encouragingly, Marketing Automation is high on the agenda for many of those companies, and Adam will be sharing his expertise with around 60 CEO, CMO and CSOs as part of a two-day conference.

With many of the companies in attendance either in the midst of scaling up or just getting started on their Marketing Automation journey, Adam will focus his talk on the balance of tech vs leadership in considering implementation, practical steps for how to get started, and tips and tricks on how to go from good to great.

On the same day, Gareth Russell-Jones, CleverTouch’s Head of Data Analytics and Consultancy, will be chairing not one, but three roundtables at London Digital Cream 2016. Gareth, who has previously worked with DueDil, Orange, Deloitte, and BNYMellon was responsible for implementing Marketing Automation at companies including BT and LexisNexis, and will be discussing trends, challenges, and best practice for Marketing Automation.

Attendees at each of Gareth’s sessions will have the chance to discuss every aspect of the Marketing Automation journey, sharing experience, advice and questions among B2B and B2C organisations, those who have already implemented Marketing Automation and those who might be considering it. Covering everything from the role of modern marketing, to measuring Marketing Automation effectiveness, to Sales and Marketing alignment, the numerous roundtables throughout the day will be moderated by experts in the field and will aim to share as much knowledge as possible.

Both events look set to be fantastic opportunities to get to grips with Marketing Automation, and we’re looking forward to sharing insight and hearing feedback from a range of companies at various different points in their Marketing Automation journey. We’ll keep you posted on what we learn- and if you have any questions of your own the meantime, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.