Have you ever stopped to consider how much the roles of Sales and Marketing have changed in the last 10-20 years?
So, who moved the cheese?
When Dr Spencer Johnson first wrote about Change Management he talked about “who moved your cheese?”. It was 1998 and the pace of change was a little slower, but his message of ‘anticipate and adapt’ still resonated across the world. He sold 26 million copies in over 37 languages.
Fast forward to today’s post-demographic, customer-centric world, and it’s safe to say life has accelerated at an alarming pace. It is information-led, social and always on-the-move.
Technology has both improved and disrupted our lives, at home and at work. The two have intertwined, becoming more interdependent and (dare we say it) confused.
In a similar way, technology has forever changed the role and relationship of Sales and Marketing. If Dr Johnson was writing the same book today, he would call it "who stole my cheese, made it into a fondue and then ate the whole lot!"
Whilst the change of pace can hinder the less tech-savvy, it can also help you embrace new ways of thinking and working. Ways that can unite your teams under a single MarTech banner.
So, what do you do? Do you deny this change and hide away from it or do you embrace it and make full use of the technologies available?
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We promise this won’t be a tech (or cheese fest). This is real business people offering real change management advice to improve your sales and marketing alignment. All underpinned by some clever technology.