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Why CleverTouch Exists

Why CleverTouch Exists

To inspire marketers to deliver better digital experiences and drive real ROI through their MarTech investment.

Created with Marketing Technology in Mind.

CleverTouch Marketing was created by Marketers with marketing technology in mind.

We’re a team of experts and innovators, technical professionals and strategic thinkers from across the marketing industry. Together, we have over 30 multi-disciplinary MarTech certifications, and over 250 years’ experience.

We have a simple goal: To make Marketing Automation a powerful but accessible tool for marketers everywhere.

About Us

Intelligent Engagement for Brilliant Results.

In the future, brands will only survive when they can seamlessly blend the digital with the physical and still keep the customer at the heart of everything they do.

We call this multi-faceted approach Intelligent Engagement.

At CleverTouch we embody this Intelligent Engagement by optimising and embedding MarTech into our DNA. This DNA fuels our own growth and inspires our customers along the way.

Our Services

Clever Technology for Global, Ambitious Brands.

In a time when our ability to consume technology far exceeds our ability to apply it, we believe that Simplicity is the answer.

Our job is to help global, ambitious brands optimise their marketing technology and adopt a data-driven culture to thrive in this complex, customer-centric world.

That’s why we created DevLab – our intuitive product offerings that help you optimise your MarTech investment.