Save time exporting prospects from a campaign and importing to Pardot by adding a button to your campaign layout that allows you to add Prospects to a list straight from the Salesforce campaign.

  1. In Salesforce setup, search Campaign. Then select ‘Buttons, Links and Actions’.
  2. Add new button or linkg
  3. Label = Add to Pardot List
  4. Display type = Detail page button
  5. Behaviour = Display in existing window with sidebar
  6. Content Source = URL
  7. Paste this code into the Syntax box:{!Campaign.Id}/campaignName/ {!URLENCODE(Campaign.Name)}/leadCount/{!Campaign.NumberOfLeads} /contactCount/{!Campaign.NumberOfContacts}?sessionid={!$Api.Session_ID}&serverurl={!$Api.Partner_Server_URL_90}

  8. Save 
Custom Button or Link Edit

Finally, add the button to the Campaign Page Layout

Now, when you look at a campaign in Salesforce, you will see the button ‘Add to Pardot List’. Click this to add all campaign members to a Pardot list!

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Add Campaign Members to Pardot List